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Ashes to Answers

    National Fire Dog Monument

This 2013 monument to Arson Investigation dogs, by then 22-year old sculptorAustin Weishel stands in front of the fire station at 5th and F Streets NW Washington DC.
"Ashes To Answers"
Sculpted by
Austin Weishel

National Fire Dog Monument

The national firedog monument was created to honor certified accelerant detection K-9 teams for their service to the communities where they serve. These K-9 teams are committed to responding to extremely hazardous incidents to reduce the negative impact of arson in their communities. Their search for evidence to reflect the truth, and dedication to the safety of the citizens they serve is what they live for. The unparallel bond between the working dog and their partner is the key to their proven success. Many of the K-9’s selected for this elite program are rescued from environments where their value was minimized. These working dogs remind us that all animals have incredible value and when given and opportunity can possess unlimited potential.
"It all started with K-9 Erin"
J. Means-2013
Austin Weishel's signature is on the fireman's boot.

 The monument is in front of Engine Co 2, Rescue Squad 1...

Engine Co. 2
Right across from the Building Museum.

The dog statue is modelled on K-9 Agent Sadie of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Heather Paul took this photo of Sadie running in the Pacific surf.

Sadie is wearing a dog tag as in the statue. 

Arson K-9

and a harness identifying her as a Fire K-9 and  a Certified Arson Investigation K-9. 

Sadie was the 2011 Arson Dog of the Year. When Sadie died in 2020 at age 141/2, this photo of Sadie and her handler Jerry Means appeared in her obituary on Facebook.

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